Coffee notes by origin

Aug 19 , 2021


Badr Mohamed

Coffee notes by origin

دليلك لمعرفة طعم كل نوع بن حسب بلد المصدر
الجزء الثاني
كل بلد بتزرع بن بيكون ليه فلافور نوتس (ايحاءات طعم) .
Rich full body & floral aroma, citrus and herbal flavor, wine-like acidity
full body, spicy & fruity flavor, smooth, bright acidity
Colombia - fruity, nutty aroma, caramel flavor, smooth medium body, heavy finish, citrus-like acidity
Ethiopia - bright fruity flavor, floral aroma, creamy, low acidity, medium body, clean finish
Costa Rica - medium body, sweet brown sugar aroma, citrus & nutty flavor, crisp acidity
Hawaii - mild fruity flavor, complex aroma and taste, medium body, bright acidity
Sumatra - fruity & nutty flavor, rich full body, sweet finish, earthy & woody aroma, low acidity
Brazil - fruity & nutty aroma, chocolatey flavor, medium-full body, sweet finish, low acidity
Honduras - vanilla & hazelnut aroma, full body, chocolatey & nutty flavor, sweet finish, balanced acidity
Burundi - sweet and clean flavor, medium body, brightly acidic, with wild fruity notes
fruity aroma, light fruity/floral flavor, clean finish, light-medium body, mild acidity
Mexico - sweet, nutty flavor, caramel, floral, light body, light acidity
Bolivia - sweetly aromatic, clean and classic taste, mild acidity, with notes of chocolate and caramel
Vietnam - sharp, strong, distinctive roasted taste; higher acidity and higher caffeine content
Guatemala - rich chocolatey flavor, sweet, lightly fruity, medium-full body, bright acidity
Panama - honey and citrus flavor profile, light body, bright acidity

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